Sponsor A Family

Link Up! Choose from 4 Options to Sponsor a Family. Living Empathy in Action.

Help an American family living in profound poverty with a monthly box of groceries.
Your monthly donation, or the box of food you provide locally, will ensure that “your” family gets the food they need the last week of every month, when food stamps often run out.  After you sign up we’ll send you details about the family you’re helping.


Option 1: Crunched for time? Do it online!
Click to sign up and we’ll assign you a family to help. Your automatic monthly donation of $36.50 will provide your “new family” with enough groceries to get them through the end of the month. We encourage your family, children included, to connect to your chosen family by exchanging letters or emails. To enhance your family’s experience in a hands-on way, consider buying and sending a monthly basic personal care item, such as shampoo, band aids or toothpaste. Learn more about Option 1.

Option 2: On a budget but eager to help? Join 2-for-1.
Two donors help one family in need…an affordable option.

Click and join, and we’ll link you up! Our 2-for-1 option matches two donors (contributing $18.50 per month each) willing to help one family in need. Combined, your automatic monthly donation will provide your assigned family with enough groceries to get them through the end of the month. We encourage your family, children included, to connect to your “new family” by exchanging letters or emails. Want to do more? Consider buying and sending a basic personal care item when possible. Learn more about Option 2.

Option 3: Give Where You Live
Start a group of donating families so you can “give where you live!” Through your network of friends, family, or through your community or faith-based group, gather 4 or more families, and join our network of “givers” to help struggling families in your own community. We’ll link your group with a local organization that serves families in need in your community that will provide a list of families to help. Then each family in your group will shop for and pack a box of groceries monthly for one specific assigned family. Learn more about Option 3

Option 4: Help a Family Bridge the Gap!
Sponsor a Low-Income Working Family through The “Gap Pantry”
Help a struggling, working poor family that isn’t eligible for most poverty relief programs because they earn just above the federal poverty level. Your automatic monthly donation of $11 will allow one family to “shop” – no funds needed – at the new Red Bird Mission “Gap Pantry” in Beverly, Kentucky for a week’s worth of groceries.  Learn more about Option 4.