Give Where You Live

Start a Donating Group

Start a group of donating families and “give where you live!”

Through your network of friends, family, community or faith-based group, gather 4 or more families, and join our network of “givers” to help struggling families in your own community by providing them with a monthly box of basic grocery staples.

We’ll identify a small, underserved neighborhood food pantry that serves families in need in your community and link your chapter of Family-to-Family to that food pantry. The pantry will make sure a families in need in your own backyard will get your packed boxes.

Each family in your group will shop for and pack a bag (or box) of groceries each month from a list we provide. Bags/boxes are dropped off at the group leader’s home or office. The group leader then delivers the grocery bags/boxes to the local food pantry F-to-F has matched the chapter with.

How to get started:

  1. E-mail us at with your name, address and contact information and let us know you and your group are ready to start, and we will send you a Memorandum of Understanding to sign and other details needed to launch your chapter.
  2. We’ll then link your group of donors with a community partner organization that will be thrilled to accept your monthly groceries.
  3. Every month each family in your group shops for and packs a box of food and other basic life necessities for a family in need (click here for list of suggested items), and brings it to you.
  4. As the chapter chair, you drop off the boxes at the community partner organization, and the partner will give out the boxes to families in need. It’s that simple.

Questions? Visit our FAQ’s page.

“I came across a story about a woman who had started a program for poverty-stricken families across the U.S…. It was like a huge light bulb had gone off, and I just knew that this is what I had been praying for. It was a way for me to make a difference and give back for all the blessings that I had been given all my life.”
-Mary Kay, Edgewood, Kentucky