Sponsor A Refugee Family

Sponsor A Refugee or Refugee Family with Monthly Groceries

Imagine fleeing your home and country to escape violence, or war, or persecution – leaving everything you own and everyone you know behind, to seek a safer life for yourself and your children. When you finally arrive in your new country – months, or even years later – you have no money, don’t speak the language and are struggling to navigate a new community.

Family-to-Family’s new Refugee Sponsorship Program is a way to help these families and individuals. As they rebuild their lives, starting jobs  and enrolling in school, your sponsorship will provide a family we link you to with a week’s worth of groceries each month.

How does it work?

Donors sign up online to sponsor an individual refugee or a refugee family in need that is already here in the U.S.  As a donor, your monthly donation of $55.00 (or $27.50 per month to share a sponsorship) will help provide groceries, in the form of a grocery gift card, for the individual or family we match you with.

The individual or family you sponsor will be able to shop at a local grocery store near where they are living. In some cases it may be a small, ethnic grocery store, based on the family’s preference.

Once you sign up, F-to-F will email you details about the family you are sponsoring. Please note in certain cases this may only include country of origin, first names and ages of family members.

Individuals and families are recommended for our program by three national refugee resettlement agencies located in the New York City area.

Want to do more?

In addition to your monthly donation, you have the option of sending your sponsored refugee or refugee family (via your local post office) a “monthly drive” item – a non-food basic necessity like winter gloves, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. For suggested monthly drive items click here.

To promote English language fluency, if you are linked with a family with children, consider recycling your children’s very gently used books and mailing one book every month to “your” family.

We hope that you and the individual or family we’ve matched you with will want to learn more about each other!  A great way to do this is to exchange letters or emails when possible. We’ll send you details when you sign up.

Please help us help these individuals and families, who have already endured so much, feel welcome and secure in their new country. 

Sponsor a Refugee Family: 1 to 1

Join Family-to-Family and sponsor a family in need. Your monthly donation of $55.00 will help provide groceries, in the form of a grocery gift card, for the family we match you with.

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Sponsor a Refugee Family: 2 for 1

Join Family-to-Family and share a sponsorship for a family in need. Your monthly donation of $27.50, combined with a co-sponsor’s donation of the same amount, will help provide a grocery gift card for the family we match you with.

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And please consider a general donation to Family-to-Family to help us continue our work helping refugee families. DONATE HERE.