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Sponsor A Family A Big Thank You to Our “Spring Soirée” Donors and Volunteers!

Thanks to all of you who attended and volunteered at our Spring Soiree fundraiser at Square Peg Gallery on April 30th! The party was a big success, and served the double function of raising money for Family-to-Family and officially launching our connection with The Marvin Koner Archive. Marvin Koner was F-to-F founder Pam Koner’s father, and a selection of his mid-century photographs were on display in the gallery during the party. All photos are available for a donation of $175 or more to Family-to-Family… view them here.

Donation of Vintage Photos Helps FtoF Grow

For nearly forty years, American photojournalist Marvin Koner – Family-to-Family founder Pam Koner’s dad – traveled the world capturing the people, places and personalities that shaped the second half of the 20th century.

Poet Robert Frost, in the woods.

Today, through the online Marvin Koner Archive, his photographs are enjoying a meaningful second life, with all funds raised ear-marked to support Family-to-Family.The photographs, available to our donors, include candid shots of many of the most famous personalities of the mid-century, including Robert Frost, Eleanor Roosevelt, Frank Lloyd Wright, Johnny Cash, Robert F. Kennedy, Miles Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and many more.

View the collection of photographs in the Marvin Koner Archive and choose one to receive with your donation to Family-to-Family here!

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In the fall of 2002 The New York Times ran a series of articles on poverty in the U.S. One of those articles described the township of Pembroke, Illinois, a community so poor that many houses had dirt floors and there were tires on the roofs to keep them from blowing away.

After reading that article, Pam Koner, a Westchester, New York mom and entrepreneur knew she had to do something to help. (More...)