Sponsor A Gap Family

Sponsor a Kentucky Family through the “Gap Pantry”

One donor family sponsors one low-income family in need.

With an eye toward helping the working poor, who often fall through the cracks of the social safety net system, Family-to-Family’s “Gap Pantry” program gives a hand up to working families struggling to get by.

Working with Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky, “gap” sponsored families are able to “shop” for needed groceries (no funds necessary) every month.

Gap Pantry signThe pantry specifically benefits low-income working families that don’t qualify for Red Bird’s regular emergency food pantry or for the Family-to-Family regular “Sponsor a Family” program.  These families have incomes just above the federal poverty rate, but still struggle to put food on the table.

At the pantry, each sponsored “gap” family can select a variety of nutritious food items from the pantry, including fresh dairy, fruits and vegetables. The food they receive provides approximately a week’s worth of meals, and comes from the local food bank and food donations.

Please consider sponsoring a “gap” family with a recurring donation of just $11 per month.

Fully Sponsored

After you sign up, we’ll email you with the names and ages of the family members in the family you’re helping.