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Westchester Magazine, November 26, 2018
3 Easy Ways to Get in on #GivingTuesday in Westchester

“Hastings nonprofit Family-to-Family is encouraging Westchester to give back this holiday season.”

Westchester Magazine, September 2018
Family-to-Family – Outstanding Nonprofit

“Today, Family-to-Family sponsors 230 families in the New York-metro area on a monthly basis, including 106 in Westchester, and provides support for veterans, Holocaust survivors, and refugees, as well as $54,650 annually in donations to provide monthly grocery supplements for Westchester families.”

News 12 Westchester, July 24, 2018
Charity makes “farewell bags” for soon-to-be reunited immigrant children

“Volunteers at Family to Family in Hastings stuffed “Farewell Bags” for the children, full of items like blankets, games and toiletries Tuesday. The supplies will go to immigrant children at Children’s Village in Dobbs Ferry to take with them when they are reunited with their parents…”

The Journal News, July 4, 2018
Local residents, agencies, leaders, find power in helping separated children

“Libby Copeland pushed open the Family-to-Family door with her 4-year-old son, Lev Berko, clutching her left leg. She carried a bag she had packed with Lev and his 8-year-old sister, Olive. “Are you Pam?” she asked Koner. “Thank you for doing this.”

Macaroni Kid, February 6, 2018
Family-to-Family Hastings-on-Hudson-based, national non-profit

“This Valentine’s Day, consider exploring how the entire family can participate in one of Family-to-Family’s family giving programs, and spread a little love to those who need it most.”

Macaroni Kid, November 7, 2018
Easy Ways for Your Family to Help Others This Holiday Season

“I love that they have different options for getting involved whether you want to contribute in a big way or small way, across the country, or close to home. Every project also offers a way that your Mini Macaronis can be involved, and what a fantastic lesson to better help our kids understand empathy and kindness.”

Westfair Business Publications, September 15, 2017
Helping Harvey’s Victims, from one family to another

“Following its one-to-one model, Family-to-Family aims to connect Houston families in need to those who hope to assist them. To accomplish that, victims of the hurricane are asked to fill out detailed questionnaires assessing their needs. Family-to-Family will then pair those families with sponsors who will send along the requested items.”

Huffington Post, December 24, 2016
How To Volunteer Over The Holidays — And Into The New Year

“Helping a struggling family is powerful proof that giving a little can go a long way. Many local organizations let you “adopt” a family. Family-to-Family is a national nonprofit that will pair you with a family that you can support with monthly groceries and other essentials.”

Rivertowns Daily Voice, March 1, 2016
Hastings’ Koner Makes Caring A Family Matter

HASTINGS, N.Y. – What started 13 years ago as a homework club in the basement of a Hastings home has grown into an international charity that has helped countless families., December 17, 2015
7 Ways For New Yorkers To Give Back This Holiday Season

“The charity Family-to-Family will link you up with a low-income family in need of support…The organization encourages you to keep a correspondence through letter or email with the family that you sponsor.”

The New York Times, December 1, 2015
Looking for Charities That Inspire Kids and Families

“You’ll find a wide variety of giving opportunities on the Calendar of Giving at, including the ability to sponsor directly an individual family with food…”, November 30, 2015
From One Family to Another

“Two women, complete strangers and separated by hundreds of miles, today have developed a unique bond, strengthened by handwritten letters in which they share the news of their lives with one another.”, November 13, 2015
Featured Purpose Prize Fellows – Pam Koner

“A former dancer and fashion stylist pairs families with plenty with those with little to reduce hunger in impoverished communities.”

Life & Style Weekly, May 6, 2015
Woman Crush Wednesday: Meet Lara Eurdolian, Co-Founder of the First Beauty Donation Program!

‘”The idea behind ‘Share Your Beauty’ is to encourage a more sustainable beauty industry and giving those with excess a place to donate while helping women who are homeless or victims of domestic violence to feel their best,” Eurdolian wrote on her site.’

Kiwi, May 1, 2015
From One Family to Another

“Several years ago, she few to Pembroke to visit her ‘family,’ Lily and Walter Davis and their five children. ‘As soon as I walked through the door, Lily grabbed me in her arms like I was her long-lost sister,’ Koner says. ‘She told me that I changed her life—but the truth is, she also changed mine.’”

New York Real Estate Journal, January 13, 2015
Thru the Lens

“KWNYC is participating in Family-to-Family’s Let’s Do Dinner! program…”

Woman’s Day, December 10, 2014
Mom with a Mission

“The most amazing moment was when Pam met her “adopted” family. “The mother and I ran into each other’s arms,” Pam recalls. “We all cried. It was a powerful experience.”

Mommy Poppins, December 3, 2014
Holiday Volunteering Opportunities with NYC Kids: Ways to Give Back as a Family

“During the holidays, Family-to-Family runs an “empathy campaign,” asking kids across the U.S. to give up one gift on their wish lists and instead donate that gift to a child in need.”

The Washington Post, November 25, 2014
Introducing kids to volunteerism

“During your child’s birthday, encourage her to make a “birthday box” for a child whose family can’t afford a party.”

New York Family, November 19, 2014
Give Thanks & Give Back: 10 Ways To Volunteer Locally This Holiday Season

“In the end, another child gets a toy, but what’s really meaningful is for them to enable a mom and dad elsewhere in the country to be a giver,” says Pam Koner, executive director of Family-to-Family. “It’s double giving.”

Parade Magazine, November 17, 2014
12 Holiday Gifts That Give Back

“In an effort to make “giving” more than just a holiday/end-of-year project, Family-to-Family has developed a Calendar of Giving that engages families in a different hands-on giving project every month of the year with creative, out-of-the-box acts of kindness.”

Publisher’s Weekly, July 29, 2014
One Book at a Time Expands its Reach

The latest states to sign on to the program include New Jersey, Massachusetts, Missouri, Maine, Maryland, and Alabama, as well as additional sites in New York and California.

BuzzFeed, July 29, 2014
36 Powerful Photos Showing Not Everyone Wants To Turn Away The Children At The Border

“Faced with more than 50 thousand children stranded on our southern border, we have the opportunity to respond as America has for centuries: by opening our hearts and showing compassion to those in need,” director and founder Pam Koner said in a release.

Bookselling This Week, June 19, 2014
One Book At A Time Aims to Pair Children With Book Donors at Indie Stores

“This is a wonderful way for a bookstore to provide books to children who are book lovers that can’t afford books, a wonderful new away to sell more books in the store, and a way to engage in conversation about literacy,” said Pam Koner, executive director of Family-to-Family.

Inside Out , May 22, 2014
Victims of the Storm and Their Journeys

“We have this sort of model in place…one family basically being linked to another family. I think that’s really the most definitive statement about Family-to-Family, what we really are.” – The Birmingham News, May 14, 2014
Needy families in Brookside to get help from Boys & Girls Clubs and national hunger relief group

“The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Alabama (BGCCA) and Family-to-Family, a national nonprofit hunger relief organization, have partnered to bring three food programs to Brookside…”

Inside Ardsley, Dobbs Ferry & Hastings-On-Hudson, May 1, 2014
One Family Helping Another

“She calls it The DoorKnob Dinner Project, because participating donors will leave a bag of groceries to provide a simple dinner for a family of 5 hanging from their front doorknob once a month.”

The Journal News, April 26, 2014
Help hungry families — right from your doorstep

“It puts some dignity into the experience for someone who is coming into the pantry,” Koner said. “It’s not just grabbing a bunch of cans.”

Daily Voice, April 25, 2014
Hastings’ Family-to-Family Launches DoorKnob Dinners Program

“We love the idea that a family with more provides 1 meal for a neighbor in need and even includes a recipe for the meal…which makes the act so personal and meaningful.”

Rivertowns Patch, April 23, 2014
Welch’s Support Brings Family-to-Family’s Hunger Relief Programs to Westchester County, NY

“With major support from Welch’s, Family-to-Family the national nonprofit hunger relief organization, is launching its new DoorKnob Dinners Project in Hastings-on- Hudson, N.Y., bringing the number of hunger relief programs it operates in the Rivertowns to three.”

WICN-NPR Radio, April 20, 2014
The Public Eye – interview with Pam Koner

“I can’t tell you how many emails and phone calls I get every day from people who are struggling just to get by.”

The New York Times, February 5, 2014
A Crusade for the Financially Devastated

“When consumers use coupons for its brands, the company will make a donation of soap, shampoo and other items to families in need…High Ridge is distributing the products through Family-to-Family, a poverty-relief organization.”

Macaroni Kid, February 4, 2014

“Beginning this month, Macaroni Kid will feature a non-profit organization that we believe should be on the radar of every Macaroni Kid family. We kick off this new monthly column with Family-to-Family.”

The Rivertowns Daily Voice, January 28, 2014
Hastings Group Helps Feed Neighbors ‘Family-To-Family’

“From what we have heard, the food is a lifesaver at the end of the month when SNAP (food stamps) benefits are used and the pantry’s shelves are somewhat scant.”

NBC Nightly News, January 2, 2014
Kids in Sandy-ravaged town discover the joy of paying it forward

“Realizing this was a teachable moment, the school put together a lesson on giving back. They partnered with a charity called Family-to-Family which donated the money to buy the party gifts that will go to a food pantry or to needy kids at other schools.”

Happi, December 16, 2013
Answering the ‘Quiet’ Need

Clean hair or full stomach? In 2013, it might be hard to imagine that any US family has to make a choice between shampoo and food. But the needs are great say non-profit groups that are on the ground helping struggling families who can’t make ends meet.

The New York Times, November 27, 2013
Finding Holiday Good Will in Glasses of Juice

There are 505 families from about a dozen states who are matched with sponsor families, and if 505 Vine users post videos before Dec. 23, Welch’s will send a bottle of sparkling juice to each family and Vine participant., October 15, 2013
Feeding Hungry Minds

“It was amazing for me as I watched the little girls in the family rip open the food box and find two big beautiful picture books along with the groceries,” Koner says. “The joy and excitement on their faces was profound for me to see and that led us to branch out in a whole and exciting direction…”

Real Simple, October 1, 2013
The Simple List: One Third

“One Third. The portion of food produced in the United States that’s thrown away uneaten each year…help the under-served at”

Publishers Weekly, July 16, 2013
SIBA partners with One Book At A Time Literacy Program

“Our goal is to get books into the homes of our country’s poorest children and we really do depend on ‘the kindness of strangers’ to make that happen,” said Pam Koner, executive director of Family-to-Family. “In linking up with independent booksellers we get this wonderfully broad audience to tell our One Book At A Time story to, which is truly priceless!”

Fresh 102.7 FM, July 14, 2013
This Week On FM Magazine: Family-To-Family’s Alison Kase

“Although Family to Family started out as a hunger relief organization, it became an integral lifeline for the people of Broad Channel, New York after their town was severely impacted by Superstorm Sandy.”

The Huffington Post, June 10, 2013
Henrik Lundqvist, Goaltender, N.Y. Rangers: My Charitable Goal for Hurricane Sandy Victims

“I then made the connection with Family-to-Family, a local New York City grassroots charity that specializes in matching those in need with those able to help, who was able to put the money raised through the auction to immediate use.”

Parents magazine, June 1, 2013
Making a Reading Buddy

“To help your kid give back in a way she can understand, check out the programs from Family-to-Family, such as One Book At A Time.”

The Wave, April 26, 2013
Groceries, Comfort And Care To Those In Need

“Family-to- Family has provided a simple way for donors across the country to click, order and share a “Comforts of Home Box” for affected families.”

NBC Nightly News, February 17, 2013
The Art of Giving

“It’s about a school where so many of the children are in need, and yet they are still learning one of the most valuable lessons in life: giving back.”

Top, February 14, 2013
Pop Artist Alex Young Selects Family-To-Family, To Receive Funds Raised Through Sales Of Holiday Song “Christmas Kiss”

“Alex Young chose to partner with Family-to-Family because she wanted to ensure that the all the funds raised by her “Christmas Kiss” campaign would have immediate and direct impact for Sandy storm families who needed it most.”

News 12 Westchester, December 14, 2012
Giving Works launched in Yonkers

“You could really see the joy on their little faces — both the givers and the receivers, so happy!”

NBC Nightly News, November 22, 2012
Thanksgiving in a Box

Family-to-Family makes Thanksgiving happen for Hurricane Sandy families harnessing the “kindness of strangers”‘

News 12 Westchester, August 22, 2012
Hastings book program offers gift of giving to needy kids

‘“The saying goes, ‘it is better to give than to receive’. But not everyone gets to give, because they simply can’t afford to.”‘

The Wall Street Journal, July 14, 2012
Pam Koner, Donor of the Day: Creating Network of Family Providers

‘”What I hope is that giving becomes part of the culture and embedded in the fabric of a family forever,” she says.’

Christian Science Monitor, June 15, 2012
Family-to-Family links well-off families to others in need

“How can you describe someone who has changed the lives of thousands of people from the basement of her home?”

Rivertowns Patch, June 13, 2012
Moms Who Rock Around Our Towns: Hastings’ Pam Koner

“Ultimately, Pam hopes that through her efforts, she is ‘helping to create another generation of doers and givers.’”

Woman’s World, November 15, 2010
Doing Good: “Together We Can Help Make Miracles Happen”

“What if we formed a community of donors?” she proposed. If we match a family here with a family in Pembroke, maybe we can help make miracles happen.”

The Huffington Post, May 15, 2010
Wealthy Californians Support Needy Michigan Families With Monthly Care Packages

“The food is from the Meijer in Burton, but it is paid for by people in California participating in the Family-to-Family program.”

Family Circle, December 1, 2009
A Mighty Heart

“We match families who have kids around the same age and ask donors and recipients to write each other, send pictures and share their lives.”

AARP Bulletin, September 14, 2009
Family to Family

Pam Koner is connecting communities to fight hunger “Koner came up with an idea to connect families in need with donor families. Today her nonprofit Family-to-Family connects more than 600 sponsor and recipient families in communities across the nation.”, The Flint Journal, July 23, 2009
Mothers helping others: Burton woman helps bring national hunger-relief organization, Family to Family, to Michigan

“With the aid of one local mom, a nationally recognized “hero” is bringing her hunger-relief effort to struggling households in Burton.”

CNN Heroes, May 1, 2009
Watch the CNN Video on Pam Koner and Family-to-Family, broadcast in May 2009.

Video features: CNN Heroes, Pam Koner; A Different Kind of Pen Pal; Neighbors 5,000 Miles Apart.

CNN, April 19, 2009
Heroes of the Economy

“Koner never expected she’d need to focus her efforts on her own town. Then layoffs began to hit the middle class-community in Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y., and she knew she needed to take action.”

real women. real advice., February 19, 2009
Fighting hunger, one family at a time

“I made contact with the pastor and I said, ‘I want to help, what can I do?’ And, I’ll never forget this, he said: “I prayed for a miracle.” “I said, ‘I’m not a miracle. I’m just an ordinary mom and I want to help.’”

New York Daily News, December 9, 2008
Families ‘adopting’ Families – page 2

“Want to help a poor Brooklyn family without leaving your desk? Instead of “adopting” a child orphaned by AIDS in South Africa… you can now “adopt” a family in need – on a web site.”

The New York Times, June 24, 2007
Ugandan Reaches Out to Hastings Organization

“Mr. Kasekende was taken with the group’s premise of pairing a family in need and a family with enough to share, and he asked Ms. Koner for help starting a program in Uganda. In May, he became the chairman of Family-to-Family’s first international chapter.”

Celebrate with Style LLC, February 14, 2007
Connecting Families, Making a Difference

“On any given day, Pam Koner, a single mom of two teenage girls, fields hundreds of emails. Some are from families that need help, but most are from families that want to offer their services to her charity, Family-to-Family.”

American Profile, January 7, 2006
Fostering Family Ties

‘Lisa Dyson, a pastor at Church of the Cross, says the relationship between donor and recipient families is just as important as what’s packed in the boxes. “It sends a message that somebody cares, and that somebody thought of them time after time…The Family-to-Family program expands their horizons.”’

ABC’s Good Morning America, March 29, 2004
Wealthy Families Help Families in Poor Town

“One city is a community entrenched in poverty. The other is thriving in plenty. The two are now united through a mission of hope that began when a mom from Hastings picked up the morning paper.”

The Seattle Times, November 24, 2003
Monthly food boxes fill a need, bridge a gap between towns

“We’re not sending money and it’s not a one-shot,” Koner says. “We’re sending food and we’re offering friendship. We don’t just do Thanksgiving and Christmas. We all send a box every month…and we send a letter that says, ‘How are you?”

CBS News, The Early Show, October 21, 2003
Helping Those In Need – The Story Of A Woman Making A Difference In A Community Miles Away

“Hunger is alive in America,” Dyson says, “If you’re coming here with a faint heart and a weak stomach, you’re not going to be able to last.”

The New York Times, September 12, 2003
Shopping for the Family (It’s 1000 Miles Away)

“She hopes that the food will feed more than hungry bodies. ‘The idea that people 1000 miles away know that you exist is so profound’, she said. ‘That just changes life’s color wheel, and all of a sudden possibilities unfold.”


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