Let’s Do Dinner!

Start a Local Chapter of Our Community Food Drive Effort at Your Workplace, Social Club or Place of Worship

With food pantries in many communities running low…we here at F-to-F have come up with what we feel is a truly easy, low cost way for many of us to help.

Let’s Do Dinner! is…

  • A unique food drive that asks donors to shop 4 to 5 times a year (or just once) for a specific list of ingredients needed for a struggling family to cook one full, healthy dinner, and then bring those ingredients in a bag to your local workplace, social club or place of worship.

The mission is simple: to engage as many of us as possible 4 to 5 times a year (or once!) in an effort to feed our hungry neighbors, one neighborhood at a time.

How it works:

Family-to-Family provides 5 different shopping lists of ingredients that can each be used to make one specific dinner for a family of five, along with 4 corresponding recipes. (For example, one shopping list includes 2 boxes of pasta, 2 jars of sauce, fresh garlic.) Dinner donors each shop for all the ingredients from any one of the shopping lists (their choice) and then put all the ingredients and the recipe in a bag to donate.


You choose which months you’d like your group to participate.  Then, on a prearranged day, usually during the third week of the month, donors bring their bag of groceries to their office, place of worship or social club, where a coordinator collects them, and then brings them to the local neighborhood food pantry. It’s that simple!  EMAIL US FOR DETAILS.

Please… remember to check expiration dates!

And just to clarify…. don’t cook the food.  The family receiving the donation will do the cooking!

Want to do more?

Join in the sorting at your food pantry and don’t forget to bring your kids! Your organization’s coordinator will let you know time and location.

Pantry Directors…. Let us know how we can help you bring “Let’s Do Dinner!” to your community!  Email us at moreinfo@family-to-family.org.

“Let’s Do Dinner! is a great project for our office!  Not only is it a fun and simple way to help someone else, but it’s a great teaching tool for our kids and grandkids. This is one way we can “walk the walk” and show our kids how to invest their time and love in other people.”
Wes K., Bowling Green, KY