The Birthday Giving Project

How Your Kids – Or You! – Can Help Kids with Less Have a Birthday Celebration

A Concrete, Hands-on Way to Give

It’s hard for many of us – adults or children – to imagine celebrating a child’s birthday without a party or presents. But for many of the families we serve, finding the extra money to afford a child’s birthday celebration is a struggle at best, and frequently impossible.

F-to-F’s Birthday Giving Project is designed to help these families by providing a small “party in a box” for a child in need… and at the same time gives children with “more” the opportunity to learn empathy in a concrete way by helping another child.

The idea is to decorate and fill shoe boxes with everything needed for a small birthday party. (Or, pretty, decorated shopping bags can be used instead.)  Each box goes to a different child. You or your child can make one birthday box for one child, or a class, scout group, church or synagogue group can put together and deliver multiple boxes for a group of children. If you are making a lot of boxes, please make them for different ages!

If you’re making fewer than five boxes we ask that you ship it/them to one of the impoverished communities we serve through our hunger relief program. If it’s five or more, we’ll link you up with a pantry, battered women’s shelter or a homeless shelter in your area where you can deliver them.

To get started, fill out the form below, and we’ll provide you with all the information you need, including directions for what goes into the Birthday Boxes and instructions on how to make them. We’ll also locate and link you up with a local family shelter or other nonprofit organization serving children in need that will be thrilled to receive your boxes.

Want to learn more? Click below and send us your information!

The Birthday Giving Project may qualify as a community service requirement for your child’s scout troop, school, church or temple.

In 2016 – 2,150
In 2015 – 1,196
In 2014 – 1,814
In 2013 – 1,118
In 2012 – 850
In 2011 – 660
In 2010 – 730
In 2009 – 700
In 2006-08 – 1,800

Total since we began: 11,013!