Suggested Monthly Shopping List

Please use this list as the basic monthly list for each month for both “Give Where You Live” and shipped food boxes.

(This list is NOT for “cyber” sponsors who make a monthly monetary donation for their sponsored families.)

Printable Shopping List

Please remember do not send glass jars, fresh food, or bread in your monthly boxes. While they are a wonderful idea, the jars break and the food often spoils before delivery. Due to breakage, we are no longer sending household cleaning products (plastic or glass) or any aerosol cans in the deliveries. And please, no syrup.

Back to our Monthly Drive Items.

4 cans soup
2 cans of beans
2 boxes mac and cheese
2 cans of vegetables
1 box regular rice
1 or 2 cans beef stew or beef hash
1 box of elbow macaroni
1 box tuna noodle helper or other meals in a box
1 large can of fruit (low in sugar)
2 cans of sloppy joes or something comparable

Below is a list of additional items to add to your box if you wish to do so:

  • onions
  • cake mix
  • garlic
  • pancake mix
  • flour
  • tuna
  • sugar
  • corn bread mix
  • herbs
  • noodle soups
  • peanut butter
  • oatmeal
  • box of crackers
  • raisins
  • cereal

Please also feel free to send warm winter clothing or bedding (sheets, pillows, or blankets) if your sponsored family needs them. We support the notion of recycling; when appropriate please send gently used items.