Henrik Lundqvist aligns with Family-to-Family as Spokesperson for GivingWorks Empathy Project



Henrik Lundqvist

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 Lundqvist Partners With Charity After Donating Auction Proceeds to                                                                Support Area Children Impacted By Hurricane Sandy

NEW YORK, NY, January 8, 2013 — Family-to-Family, Inc. (www.family-to-family.org) announces that All-Star Goaltender Henrik Lundvist has been named as a spokesman for the charity’s Hurricane Sandy relief efforts, including the GivingWorks Empathy Project and Hurricane Family Sponsorship.

This partnership comes after Lundqvist donated the majority of the proceeds from the sale of his mask and pads, a record-breaking $66,000 generated from a Hurricane Sandy benefit auction hosted by Steiner Sports in November, to Family-to-Family. The price is believed to be the highest-ever paid for a goaltender’s equipment in sports auction history.

“Hurricane Sandy left our community with unprecedented struggles and I am thankful to be in a position to help make a difference for families that have been impacted by the storm,” Lundqvist said. “I look forward to being a part of this charity’s efforts of continued assistance as we work to help those in need to recover.”

Designed to promote compassion and healing, the GivingWorks Empathy Project empowers middle and high school age children by providing them with an opportunity to give to other, younger children. Targeting economically disadvantaged schools that were hit hard by the hurricane, Family-to-Family supplies students with donated books and backpacks to share, read, and then give to pre-school aged children in their community.

“This act of kindness on the part of the adolescent givers helps to build self-esteem, and provides a sense of well-being at a time when they are struggling to make sense of the tumult around them,” said Pam Koner, Family-to-Family founder and Executive Director. “Henrik’s support will go a long way towards helping these kids who’ve lost so much – in many cases their home and all their belongings – feel the greater sense of security and self-worth that giving to others can bring.”


In addition to helping the GivingWorks Empathy Project, Lundqvist’s donation will be used by Family-to-Family to help families struggling to recover from hurricane damage to replace many of the basic household essentials they lost.


For more information about Family-to-Family, the GivingWorks Empathy Project and how to get involved, visit www.family-to-family.org, follow Family-to-Family on Twitter at @famtofamily, or ‘like’ on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/famtofamily.





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