Kids Can! Make a Difference

You can make a difference in your community by… “adopting” your local food pantry and keeping its shelves stocked throughout the school year.

Often, food pantries don’t have enough food on their shelves to feed all the families that come in for help. You and your classmates can make a difference by organizing a Kids Can! food drive and ensuring your local pantry’s cupboard stays stocked!

Choose one of these options. Either…

1. Every other month during the school year two grades collect, box and arrange for delivery of non-perishable food items and personal care items (things like toothpaste, shampoo, soaps).  For example, kindergarten & 1st grade collect in October, 2nd & 3rd in December, 4th & 5th in February, etc. That’s 4-5 times a year.  OR

2. Every month one grade boxes, and arranges for delivery of food and personal care items, and grades alternate each month.  For example, 3rd grade brings in food in October, 4th grade in November, 5th in December, etc.). That’s 9-10 times a year,

Organize and use the resources of your school to get the message out…emails, backpack mail and notes home are the way to go!

Watch a video of Kids Can! in action:



Think about it… your efforts will make food available for the hungry in your very own community. Imagine trying to find a job on an empty stomach or showing up at a physically demanding job without any food in your belly…or going to school hungry!

You really can make a difference…… and by joining Kids Can!, you can help us make this a nationwide program – there are thousands of kids just like you all across America who could participate in this project…we just need to get the word out!

Naturally, you have to work this out with your principal or teacher….and Kids Can! requires that an adult supervise the program. Print this out, go discuss it with your teacher or principal and hopefully you will then join our team.

Let us know when permission is given ( In that email make sure you send us your name, your school’s name, your contact email and your zip code, so we can help you identify a food pantry in your area that needs your help. Then:

•  Find a classmate or several to help you get things going.

•  Find a parent or teacher who would like to supervise the program and help with delivery

•  You and your team of volunteers make some simple, colorful flyers to distribute in your school.  Also arrange to have labeled drop-off boxes for each classroom/homeroom for kids to drop their donated items in.

•  Speak with your teacher or principal about a schedule which grades do which month (ex.1st & 2nd grade December, 3rd & 4th grade February and so on).

•  Also, do ask your principal to email blast Kids Can! info out each month to that month’s families

•  And don’t forget to plan for the holidays and summer vacation — your food pantry will still be distributing food even though school is out (for instance, in May and June have an extra grade level bring in food to cover the summer).

•  Talk with your team about ways to keep the enthusiasm up!! Be creative!! Talk to your adult supervisor too!

Consider a Skype chat every other month with F-to-F founder Pam Koner and the classes that are collecting food that month!  This is a great way to encourage involvement and help the kids in your school understand that they’re part of a national effort!   To set up a Skype call with Pam, email her at