Giving Parties

Have a Birthday ‘Giving’ Party This Year!

For many of you, birthdays mean two things: getting one year older of course, and getting stuff…LOTS of stuff.

There may be presents from parents and grandparents… and from friends who come to your party.

Even when you go to a friend’s party you get stuff… goody bags filled with toys that often end up broken or forgotten… or even thrown away. Birthdays often seem less about celebrating a special day, and more about getting.

But for some kids living in our country, even one birthday present is a luxury. Their parents don’t have enough money to buy gifts and goody bags… or sometimes even a birthday cake.

What if on your next birthday, as part of your party, one of the activities was to GIVE a birthday celebration, including cards, goody bags, small gifts and even cake to some very poor children to help them celebrate THEIR birthdays? That’s our Birthday Giving Party.

The idea is that each guest at your party will decorate a craft box and fill it with birthday party items for one needy child – cake mix, a gift, decorations, goody bag, the works. (Or, pretty, decorated shopping bags can be used instead.)

Here’s how it works:

First, if you’re planning a “giving” party, please let us know by asking your mom or dad to fill out the form below.

Second, invite your friends (Click Here For Printable Invitation) and ask them each to bring to the party:

•  A new book for a child (not too big… it will have to fit into a shoebox sized box)
•  A box of cake mix
•  A can of frosting
•  A package of candles
•  Optional: A gently used party outfit for any aged child

Third, make sure you buy or have on hand the following items:

•  Shoe-box sized craft boxes – one for each child
•  Art supplies to decorate boxes and cards
•  Empty goody bags
•  Goody bag items
•  A $10-$15 gift to go in each box
•  Wrapping paper and ribbon for the gently used books
•  Paper to make cards out of
•  A big packing box to put all the shoe-boxes in for shipping or drop-off

At the party everyone will:

•  Wrap the book they brought
•  Make a card for the child they are giving to
•  Decorate and fill a goody bag (Instead of GETTING a fully loaded goody bag at the end of the party, you and your friends will each MAKE a goody bag for the child you are giving to.)
•  Pack the wrapped book, small gift, goody bag, card, cake mix, frosting and candles into the craft box (or bag)
•  Decorate or wrap the top and bottom separately of the box and label on the outside who it is for (e.g. “10-12 year old girl”) – Tie it closed with a ribbon.
•  Help pack all the boxes into one or two big packing boxes

As the birthday child, you’ll still get presents, but you’ll also be GIVING to someone else. And of course, you want your friends to leave with something…so we suggest the party guests take home small bags of candy, brownies or cookies……something edible and wonderful…and hopefully, a sense of having done something fun and meaningful!

Imagine how good it will feel to “get” that you are actually helping a child just like yourself celebrate their special day!

If you’re making fewer than five boxes, we ask that you ship it/them to one of the impoverished communities we serve.

If you’re making five or more, after your boxes are made we’ll link you up with a pantry, battered women’s shelter or other social service organization in your area where you can deliver them.

Get started by asking a parent to fill out the form below! We’ll email you contact information for either a local family shelter that serves children in need, or one of our community partner organizations, so you can drop off or ship your birthday boxes when they’re done.

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