Brighton Beach, New York

An ocean-side neighborhood at the southernmost edge of Brooklyn, Brighton Beach has been a magnet for thousands of Russian Jews emigrating to the U.S. for decades.   Today more than two-thirds of the population is Russian born.  And although the area has experienced a recent economic revival, poverty and unemployment are still rampant.  The population includes a large percentage of elderly Russian Jews and Hispanics.

Family-to-Family’s partner in Brighton Beach is the Shorefront Jewish Community Council, an agency that helps impoverished residents navigate the maze of paperwork needed to qualify for federal poverty relief and other social services.  Shorefront JCC helps families obtain low income housing, complete immigration documentation, receive food stamp certification and apply for help with heating bills.  They also hand out ready-to-eat meals to over 1,000 people every month and run an emergency food pantry.

Many of Shorefront JCC’s clients are disabled and elderly; some are victims of domestic violence, and some are mentally ill or homeless.  Many speak little English.  Lately a growing number of unemployed couples – people who were making ends meet until just recently – have come in for help as well.

In Brighton Beach, Family-to-Family partners with the Shorefront JCC food pantry to provide groceries for our sponsored families.

Community Partner:
Rachel Krich
Shorefront Jewish Community Council
128 Brighton Beach Avenue, 4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11235

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