Exciting News here at Family-to-Family…. NBC Nightly News’ “Make a Difference” segment featured our GivingWorks program in Pembroke, Illinois. Click here to watch it. 

Created as a way to give kids with “less” the opportunity to be givers too, and using the power of books, GivingWorks provides a group of impoverished children with a hands-on giving experience….an experience that we hope will turn the idea of empathy into action.

The accolades we’ve received from teachers and librarians at the schools where we’ve hosted GivingWorks events have happily been unanimous.

Along with Pembroke, over the last few months we’ve hosted events in Brownsville (Brooklyn), N.Y., and 2 in Dallas, Texas… and coming this month, in Houston, TX., Yonkers, N.Y. and Washington Heights, N.Y.  Learn more.