The Book Pal Project

A way for a class of kids with “more” to share their favorite books — newly purchased or from their own personal libraries — with a class of kids with “less”…

Through the sharing of books, Class-to-Class links a classroom of children who have enough to give, to a classroom of children from another school whose parents are struggling to make ends meet.  The linked schools can be in different parts of the U.S. or close together….we’ll match you up!


Family-to-Family links the teachers from the two schools (both with kids in the same grade) and the two teachers share the first names of their students, matching the kids up one-to-one.  Then:

  • Each child in the donor class brings a new or gently used and beloved book to school for their “book pal” in the other class.
  • In school, each donor child writes a letter to their book pal to send along with their chosen book.  Their teacher then ships all the books and letters in a box to the teacher in the recipient school, who distributes them to the kids in his/her class.
  • After the books and letters are read, the recipient children write back to their book pals, and their teacher ships their letters back to the donor class, along with a completed crafts project provided by Family-to-Family.  This project gives the children in the recipient class the opportunity to be givers too.

We suggest that the two classes continue their relationship throughout the school year — exchanging books/letters/crafts 3 to 4 times, or every 2 to 3 months.

If you’re a teacher who wants to start this project with your class, contact us at, and we’ll get you matched up!

We “…have received our FABULOUS big box of books! The box was delivered to my class and my students were ecstatic! We had a discussion about kindness and giving to others, which concluded with the distribution of the letters and books! My students are so excited to respond to their new pals!”  -Cara A., teacher at PS 280, Bronx, N.Y.