One Book
At A Time

Using our “one-to-one” model, we’ve come up with a simple plan to get books into the hands of impoverished children. Sign up to send one new book a month to a child in need, and feed a hungry mind.

GivingWorks Project

While most giving projects are aimed at those with “more” giving to those with less, GivingWorks gives children living in poverty the opportunity to be givers too.

Traveling Journal

The Traveling Journal enables a classroom of children with “less” and a classroom of children with “more” to learn about each other’s similarities and differences through writing and art in a shared journal.


Through the sharing of books, Class-to-Class links a classroom of children who have enough to give, to a classroom of children from another school who are living in profound poverty.

Books for Life

If you have shelves full of books you no longer look at, or that your children no longer read, consider sending them to one of our communities, where they will enrich lives and encourage a love of reading and learning.

Books on the Move

An in-school “double giving” book drive that encourages empathy and generosity in two groups of children, while putting books into the hands and homes of young children living in poverty.