Become a Pantry Partner! 

“Be-friend” your neighborhood food pantry and help keep its shelves stocked with much needed groceries and personal care items.  Many small pantries housed in community centers and church basements struggle each month to provide enough food and other basic necessities for the families they serve.

There are two ways you and your family can help:

1. Fill a bag for a nearby pantry with nonperishable foods or items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. one time through our FILL ME UP! (click to learn more) initiative.

2. Or become an ongoing Pantry Partner (see below) and share your bounty every month with moms, dads and kids in need, living right in your own backyard.

Make sure to include your kids! What better way to teach empathy and compassion to children than through hands on giving?

Here’s how it works:
Fill out the registration form (link is below) and we’ll send you a list of the closest food pantries to where you are, along with contact info. Then reach out to the listed pantry that you can get to the easiest.  Tell the pantry that you’ll be dropping off a donation once a month, and ask them if they have special needs, and what their drop-off hours are. Once you’re linked up, shop for, pack up and deliver non-perishable food and personal care items to that pantry.  As a “Pantry Partner” you can drop off as much or as little as you like.

Nuts and Bolts (if you’d like to donate monthly): 

  1. Click here to fill out a registration form.
  2. We’ll then email you a list of nearby pantries, and provide you with a basic shopping list which can act as a guide when you shop.
  3. We encourage you to call the pantry to find out which items they need most each month. (One month they may have plenty of vegetables, but the pasta shelf might be empty.)
  4. When you’re doing your regular shopping, pick up items for the pantry, and don’t forget…bring your kids along!
  5. Once a month, deliver your items to the pantry.

Also, just a reminder, save your receipts!  Your purchases for the pantry are tax deductible.

Want to do more?
Create a chapter of Pantry Partners with a group of friends or neighbors and the kids.  Make a Saturday morning of it!  Shop, pack up and deliver your groceries together!

Prefer to check out nearby pantries yourself?

We’re hoping to form community with this effort, so we’d love to hear from you about your experiences.  Please join us on our Facebook page and share your pantry story!