Family-to-Family’s “Best Dressed Babes” and “All Dolled Up!” Projects

Two wonderful recycling programs that re-purpose your children’s party clothes…and their dolls!

Best Dressed Babes puts gently used almost new party clothes into the homes of little ones in need and our All Dolled Up! project recycles much loved dolls and their clothes!

Here’s how they both work!

For our Best Dressed Babes program we ask that you gather your children’s gently used and outgrown party clothes and send them to us! (boys or girls ages 2-18 ).

We’ll forward them to the community outreach workers in our receiving communities and our F-to-F “kids” will be thrilled to have “party clothes” to wear to their F-to-F “Birthday Buddies” celebrations or school proms!!

Our receiving families (moms, dads and kids, too!) can “shop” (no money necessary) for the perfect dress, party suit, shoes… the works!!  A truly empowering gift for these parents who have so little and a super “Princess or Prince for a day” treat for the kids!

We are looking for (in all children’s sizes):

  • girl’s party dresses
  • girl’s prom dress
  • girl’s fancy shoes
  • party type girl’s purses

  • boy’s suits
  • boy’s dress jackets
  • boy’s dress shirts & ties
  • boy’s dress shoes

And please… only send items that are in very good condition.

For All Dolled Up!, we ask you to help your child pick out a like-new doll they’d like to share!  Then… help them clean it up…dress it up…and send it to us!  It’s that simple.

Or, help your children and their friends host a gently used doll drive.. The kids can clean and dress the dolls together.

All Dolled Up is a quick, easy and fun way to teach your child what it means to give, as they give up something of their own for a child in need.  Help your child make a difference!

Your dolls and party clothes can be sent to:

“All Dolled Up” and “Best Dressed Babes”
P.O. Box 255
Hastings on Hudson, N.Y. 10706

or e-mail us at: for further information.