With the overwhelming damage Hurricane Sandy caused just weeks ago, and the ever present images of the devastation, we here at F-to-F imagine many kids out there would like to do something to make things better for the many kids who lost so much!

We have just the thing!!!

Holiday Gift Giving… for kids, by kids!

Moms/Dads and Kids!!  Join us!

Starting now, we’re launching a nationwide “empathy campaign,” asking kids across the USA to give up one special gift they have asked for and have a sense they would have gotten this holiday season.

Then we ask you, their parent, along with your child, to click on the link below, and donate the approximate dollar amount of the gift your child gave up!
We’ll then use 100% of the $$ donated by your family to purchase a gift for a child whose family has been hard hit by Hurricane Sandy.




Or…if you would rather shop and send a gift yourself.. that’s ok too! Just click here and choose a location to send your gift to!  Then email us and let us know what you’re sending!

The best part is all gifts will be part of our big Holiday Give-away Event!!  


Working with our partners on the ground, our plan is to give moms and dads who have lost so much the chance to be givers again. Parents of kids at 4 schools we’ve identified as hard hit by Sandy will be invited by Family-to-Family to come in to their school for a celebration and “shopping” party (no funds needed)!  Each parent will select a gift for each of their children from the many our donors are sending.  After making their choices, their gifts will be wrapped by volunteers…. and they can then take them home to give to their kids as if they purchased them on the holiday they celebrate!

What we love about this is that your kids not only experience the “giving” but they also enable  Hurricane Sandy moms and dads, so anxious about how they will be able to give this season, to be the givers too! We call it “double-giving”!

And…we want to know what you’re giving up!!!  So….snap a picture of the item your giving up on line or in a magazine or newspaper and email us at toys4sandyskids@family-to-family.org.  We’ll post it on our website!!

Let’s make this happen!  Kids…tell your friends!  Moms/dads….tell yours too!!
Tell everyone!!