Best Dressed Babes!


Got party clothes? 

Recycle and re-purpose by sharing your bounty with little ones with “less!”

If you have gently used and outgrown party clothes at home (girls or boys ages 2-18), please send them to us!

We’ll forward them to the community outreach workers in our receiving communities and our F-to-F “kids” will be thrilled to have “party clothes” to wear to their F-to-F “Birthday Club” and “Birthday Buddies” celebrations!!

Our receiving families (moms, dads and kids, too!) can “shop” (no money necessary) for a perfect dress, party suit, shoes… the works!!

A truly empowering gift for these parents who have so little and a super “Princess or Prince for a day” treat for the kids!

We are looking for: (in all children’s sizes)


  • girl’s party dresses
  • girl’s prom dresses
  • girl’s fancy shoes
  • party type girl’s purses

  • boy’s suits
  • boy’s dress jackets
  • boy’s belts
  • boy’s dress shirts & ties
  • boys dress shoes

And please… only send items that are in very good condition.  They can be sent to:

“Best Dressed Babes”
P.O. Box 255
Hastings on Hudson, N.Y. 10706

Or email us at for further information.